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Decentralised and Token Based



Global Shopping and Contracts

Presently finding product details and best deals is very costly. We propose a token reward so that third parties will upload product details and deal information to Zillerium.


We are making use of ground breaking advances in technology. These include blockchains, ERC20 tokens, p2p storage, distributed document stores, an advanced UI development environment using for example React.

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About Us

We are specialists in supply chains, blockchains, web development, and platforms. Zillerium was founded by Trevor who has worked in Supply Chains since 2003. Other specialists have extensive experience in their respective fields.

The Eve of a Revolution

Product sales are highly complex and a facet of the supply chain ecosystem. The entire sector is on the verge of being reformed and revolutonised. The Economist has written a document entitled rebooting supply chains related to this.

The driver behind these changes in Contract Theory which in 2016 saw a Nobel Prize being awarded.

Video and Product Prices

Currently Google Shopping and organic listings are used by consumers. Contract quoters end up using existing information based offline and their experience to produce contract quotes. A video explains the basic problem and how we propose to solve it using tokens.

White Paper

Zillerium is a solution which uses supply chain theory and contract theory (draft White Paper)

Data Volume

We propose using Plasma to handle data volume issues.


We welcome applications from skilled people in the fields of blockchains, marketing, web development, analysis, law, and sales.

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Our Venture

Implementation of a Multi-sided Market for Sale of Goods Powered by Blockchains and Tokens


We are using React for the UI, with ES6/7 and Node. We have elasticsearch and mongodb for our search server and database. The blockchain part is presently build on ethereum with solidity. We also use geth and truffle. The p2p storage systems are in IPFS and storj.

Token Rewards

We propose a platform for buyers and sellers as follows:

  • Blockchain based
  • Independent information about deals and products
  • Scaleable and Global

Multi-sided Market

Under our proposals, users will get tokens as follows:

  • Product catalogue details are uploaded
  • Product deals are uploaded (ie special offers, best deals)
  • Goods are sold under competitive conditions

White Paper

There is a draft white paper: White Paper

We have a github: Zillerium Github.


Multi-sided Market


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About Us

Trevor Oakley

Founder and CEO/ Supply Chain Specialist

Baran Buluttekin

Senior Developer/Data Scientist

Mike Berry

Web Developer

Edson Alcalá

Software Architect

Milian V.


Anton Doroshenko

Snr. Developer

TJ Morgan

Advisor (African Markets)


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